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what diet works best for fat loss?

any recommendations?
ive tried atkins (too many restrictions but still did it though i wasnt happy with the program)
and south beach a long time ago…
i want a healthy diet that can help me lose my fat on my stomach..
im 114 lbs but i have alittle bit of fat on my stomche and around my rib cage..
and not only that but i want a healthy diet.

any help?

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8 Responses to “what diet works best for fat loss?”

  1. Masashi said :

    Try Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

  2. Angelic told me said :

    you can stop eating fatty foods. Only eat vegetables and fruits and don’t eat bread and also don’t eat too much.

  3. kitty said :


  4. DR Fitness said :

    Send me your email and some measurements and I’ll send you a 12 wk meal plan that’s probably right up your alley.

    DR Fitness

  5. Jake76 said :

    No need to get complicated or spend money on diet systems. Eat at the same rate and quantity you eat now but follow these three rules:

    1. For starters, drink only water, no sodas or juices, just doing this will result in weight loss.
    2. Also, eliminate breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, etc. from your diet and replace them with salad or steamed veggies.
    3. Lastly, no sweets, replace them with fruit.

    This can’t be any simpler to guarantee weight loss and balance. I went from 225lbs to 175lbs in three months by eating at the same rate yet implementing these rules and I love to eat. At first you may not be satisfied with your meals being they lack starches which make us feel full, but be diligent and you will get used to it. Just never eat extra to get that satisfaction and keep your self busy to curb that appetite.

    Exercise is always advised to burn fat and gain muscle tone. According to your statement, you are only 114lbs. and this may be all you need. Don’t neglect your body, it will catch up with you sooner than you think. Stay fit.

  6. Jeffery said :

    Just eat fruits and vegetables and cut down on fat in your diet, you don’t really have to go on a named diet, just eat better. Also do some exercises that will burn fat and help tighten up your stomach area.

    Here’s an article that explains a few exercises that may help out:

  7. Shilo said :


    I have found a great blog with a story of a woman who lost weight in a healthy and easy way. It was an eye-opener for me. I’ve tried it and I must admit that the results amazed me. I lost more than 30 pounds so far and I feel better than ever.

    So, what is this diet about? Well, it teaches you how to stay healthy while losing weight. It is so easy when you know how to do it, and in a long run it shows much better results, because after other diets I’ve tried before you just get that fat back. The thing is, you have to eat a few times a day, not starve. Because when you are not eating, your body stores fat and it is much harder to lose weight. When you eat, and you know what and when and how, your body will know that there is food around so it won’t store fat – it will burn it!

    Here are some hints from Betty’s blog:

    1.The diet creates meal plans and recipes just for you.
    2.You are able to eat a few times a day, which means that you are not starving yourself!
    3.The diet is based upon calorie shifting and shows you what you are doing wrong. Betty Winter on her site explains it all.
    4.What is most important, you are able to buy all the food in a local store. There is no need for some expensive fancy food that promises miracles, but does nothing at all.
    5.It teaches you how to lose bad eating habits.

    As I told you, this diet was an eye-opener and it works. With the proper guidance all the way through the diet, it is so easy and you can do it too. It can all be found online, as Betty describes.

    Betty also gives FREE gifts to anyone who visit her site these days so be shure to check it out!

    So, if you wish to learn more about this easy healthy diet, check Betty’s blog, it’s in my source. Good luck!

  8. EDD said :

    There is lots of advice on this subject. Researchers in America found A high protein diet not only promotes hypertrophy, but also enhances fat loss. When subjects followed a high protein diet- 40% of total daily calories from protein- for eight weeks, they lost significantly more body fat, particularly abdominal fat, than those following a low fat/high carb diet. One reason eating more protein may work is that it boosts levels of peptide YY, a hormone produced by the gut cells that travels to the brain to decrease hunger, and increase satiety. You must eat at least three time a day so that your metabolism does not slow down. Make sure you have protein in every meal.
    Check out the blog for further on this type of diet.


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