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How many gr. of carbohydrates should be taken for fat loss + muscle maintenance for a regular body builder?

I ‘ve put on fat and now I weigh 67 kg .Before I was 60-62.I want to get rid of all this extra fat without losing my muscles.Diet should be high in protein and carbohydrates .I will be doing my weight training 4 days in a week + 45 mins cardio workout for 5-6 days in a week .How many gr. of carbohydrates will I need to consume on the days I go to the gym and the ones I don’t ?

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2 Responses to “How many gr. of carbohydrates should be taken for fat loss + muscle maintenance for a regular body builder?”

  1. Soljia said :

    Honestly if you want to lose fat, and keep muscle. You need to eat 6 meals a day. There is NO set amount of carbs to protein that everyone can use. You just need to test. Think of it in terms of percentage. I’m on a 60-30-10 diet. 60% protein, 30% Carbs, 10% fats. Six meals a day will keep your metabolism up and running. The pattern is up to you. But i would suggest. Breakfast (Meal), Snack, Dinner(meal),Snack,Meal, Snack. The meals should get less later in the day. Since you want to burn fat while you are sleeping. The meals should be somewhere between 2-3 hours apart, which will allow for complete digestion. You will be eating more then you probably normally do, but believe me it works!

    Foods to Eat
    Whole Wheats

    Foods not to Eat
    You should know this.
    White Bread = Bad

  2. sigeptxbeta02 said :

    Even to gain muscle your carb to protein to fat ratio should be around 55:30:15 remember carbohydrates are your bodies source of injury. Too much of any of the 3 will result in fat accumulating, contrary to popular belief extra protein is also stored as fat. Also too much protein is not at all good for you kidneys or liver, actually in excess it can be toxic for your body.
    The only way to build muscle is to exercise, a combination of strenght training and cardiovasular exercise.


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