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Creatine and working out to gain muscle mass?

Hey everyone,

I am really skinny and need to gain muscle mass for sports and other things. I am planning on taking creatine because I heard it was the best supplement for gaining weight the fastest, and I was wondering what the best workout plan would be for gaining muscle fast and effectivley. I have access to 24 hour fitness, but I need a diet plan and workout plan. Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “Creatine and working out to gain muscle mass?”

  1. Eric N said :

    Creatine also carries the risk of foming dependency where when you discontinue usage, your body no longer supplies its own natural creatine and you will shrink.

  2. Bry Swizzle said :

    i started to drink ensure in between meals. it’s an extra 300 calories of vitamins and protein with every bottle.

  3. fagetoshima said :

    Dude, skinny is fine. I used to be in a pretty serious baseball program that required us to lift weights frequently (not as much as football, but still) until I realized that I wasn’t having fun and I knew that the purpose of a sport was to offer fun.

    Now I don’t lift much at all. If you overwork yourself you might stop growing. You’ll fill out when you get older anyways, dude. Don’t take creatine. Everyone’s skinny when they’re young. I’m probably skinnier than you.

  4. Chris said :

    Creatine is a great supplement, but it is a supplement none the less. The question is, what are you supplementing?

    If you don’t eat enough, you won’t grow, regardless of what you take. If you want to gain muscle, and you’re skinny, you need to make sure you’re eating enough. Keep track of how many calories you eat for a couple of days. You may find that, although you think you’re eating like Ronnie Coleman, you’re actually eating like his little sister 🙂 If that’s the case, eat more.

    As for your workout, you can’t go wrong with benching, deadlifting, squatting, pull ups, military presses, rows, dips, just to name a few. Stick to the big movements and lift heavy, and you’ll grow.

  5. intrepid18 said :

    The first poster is partially correct. If you overuse creatine it can be detrimental. However, I heard if you use it in can help you gain mass and strength since it reduces your recovery time. The long term effects of creatine are yet to be determined though.

    I personally choose to use whey protein. I think it is safer. You can gain muscle more naturally. Just drink a protein shake after a workout and get proper rest.

    An example is to weight train your total body 3 days a week with one day of rest in between. Do supersets e.g. bench press followed by rows, squats followed by deadlifts to maximize muscles used and therefore muscle growth.

    Good luck!

  6. christurner19 said :

    Creatine phosphate is produced naturally in the body. People who say it causes cramps, chest pains, or testicular atrophy are way off base. Creatine is one of the few supplements that has been proven to work. Creatine phosphate has been proven to increase ATP levels in muscle fibers, ATP is responisble for short bursts of energy(i.e. weightlifting). Endurance athletes have shown no considerable gain from creatine supplementation. I wrote the majority of my thesis on creatine supplementation. I read hundreds of medical journals and conducted my own research and found creatine is safe. When first starting creatine supplementation you need to “load”. This means for the first week, you need to take 20g a day, so you should take in about 25g, because monohydrate is not absorbed at 100%. After the first week you can cut down to 7g a day. Hope this helps, feel free to email me with any further questions. I enjoy answering questions in my field of research.



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