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How can I gain muscle mass without gaining weight?

I wanna gain muscle mass without gaining weight. i know a few things about nutrition but i want to know legitimate information.

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4 Responses to “How can I gain muscle mass without gaining weight?”

  1. cynthia b said :

    eat lots of protein more like chicken or fish ,none of that fattening stuff

  2. Danny M said :

    You should check out my website for all natural nutritional supplements that will help you gain muscle mass.

  3. ksneo627 said :

    hate to break it to you, but all mass has weight. at first, while you’re decreasing your fat and increasing muscle mass, it might even things out. but eventually, with additional muscle, you’re going to gain weight. why is that a bad thing? it’s just a number. what matters is your health and how you feel (or look).

  4. lv_consultant said :

    #1 – you need to start counting calories
    #2 – you need to monitor your body fat

    when muscle cells grow the cross-sectional area of them increases. as muscle tissue in general grows so do the levels of intracellular hydration. more nutrients are stored inside the cell structures.

    when on a weight gaining program there is always a point where the amount of muscle gain stays the same but fat gains are increasing. this is where counting calories and tracking body fat come into play. these are the only 2 tools that can guarantee the success of both a weight gain and fat loss program.

    here is an example:

    Week 1 – trainer A begins weight gain program starts out at the maintenance intake of 2,000 cals a day using the macronutrient ratios of 40/40/20 this is the percentage of protein/carbs/fats.

    Week 2 – no increase in bodyweight, daily calories are increased by 10% to 2,200.

    Week 3 – still no increase, cals increased by 10% to 2,420.
    Week 4 – weight gain has occured, cals stay at 2,420
    Week 6 – reported gains of 3 lbs of muscle and 1 lb of fat.
    Week 7 – Trainer A wants to gain muscle even faster, increases cals by 10% to 2,662
    Week 9 – reported gains of 3.5 lbs of muscle and 2 lbs of fat.

    * somewhere in between 20-30% of the increase of cals over maintenance there was a point where gains of muscle only increased slightly but the gains of body fat where doubled.

    this is how you dial in your diet to maximize gains of lean body mass while minimizing fat gain.


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