What is the easiest way for a skinny person to gain muscle fast and to see the results?

Hi, I’m 14 and in 8th grade. I’m skinny only weighing about 105-110. I want to gain muscle fast and be able to see the results fast also. What is the easiest way? Please help me with some good answers thank you.

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6 Responses to “What is the easiest way for a skinny person to gain muscle fast and to see the results?”

  1. John said:

    Use creatine and lift weights

  2. dustin l said:

    Body building, look up methods online, mon-sat do a different body focused lift.
    then sunday take a break.
    find out online how much protein at your weight you need after workout, eat really healthy, make your lifts count (when you go to the gym, spend 1-11/2 hour on your focused lift and dont leave until you cant feel it anymore…basically destroy that muscle)
    if you do all that, should see results within some weeks, within monthes youll be looking alot bigger.

  3. Abraham C said:

    Hey im also 14 but im a little bit heavier im about 130 pounds. and THE BEST ways to gain muscle weight is to drink WHEY. it usually comes in flavores like Chocolate and you mix it like a shake. that and eat nuts but not too much cause they have lots of fat. PLUS go to the gym and lift weights.

  4. andrew g said:

    I started weight training around your age.
    If you stick with your workouts and eat a lot, Im assuming you have a pretty high metabolism, you should see results. Im not talking pepperoni pizza instead of cheese, because it has more protein, Im saying, eat foods that are actually entirely beneficial to you. Eat food for what it is, not always the taste.

    In the end, if you do not have the discipline to remain consistent in your workouts, you will not see the results you were hoping to get. Start with a basic plan and remember to eat a lot. Spinach is a fantastic vegetable.

    I reccomend taking a look at the February 2009 issue of Muscle and fitness and go to their starter’s guide… it’s a 4 week weight training plan that should get you started…. Follow that.

  5. Tom said:

    First of all, you have to think about if you want to use any supplements. If you have some money you can spend, the first thing you should buy is creatine monohydrate. Another supplement is whey protein weight gainer. And if you can you can also buy BCAA which are branch chain amino acids. Since you are young im not going to advise you to buy anything like Cellmass or T-bomb. You also shouldn’t start taking any pre-workout drinks. they have alot of ingredients that you shouldn’t be taking at 15.
    When i was 16 i started to weightlift and i took creatine and a weight gainer protein shake. If you really want to gain weight you should make sure you eat well, and drink the shake 2 times a day. Now i am 20 and im taking creatine, testosterone (t-bomb), cellmass, Nitrix, HMB, BCAA, flax seed oil, fish oil, multivitamins and a weight gainer.
    you should eat alot of food which have protein. Chicken and fish are great. You can buy some tuna cans, and add some pickel and onion and its a good tuna salad. Or chop up some chicken and throw it into a salad. your workout should consist of 4 days a week and not over working your muscles. Just because you want to gain weight, doesn’t mean you have to work out 7 days a week. try to work out and take and day off and so on. Make sure you dont cheat yourself and use a heavy weight with bad form. If you have to, use a lighter weight with good form . The weight should be heavy enough so that you can lift it 8-10 times.
    If you want, you can get alot of information from http://www.bodybuilding.com thats where i got alot of mine over the years.
    Hope this helps you

  6. bulkwhey said:

    Bronson, Eat…train…eat….train. you have the ability to eat like a horse and get some great gains! I would also suggest a high calorie protein rich shake. Try one without all the fillers, additives, and chemicals.. Good luck!!!


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