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How can I gain muscle mass quickly without using steroids?

I am 5″9′ tall I weigh 168lbs and I want to gain muscle mass in my upper body (chest arms traps everything) i was wondering how I should go about doing this, what I’m really hoping for is for someone to outline a routine for me curls bench this much ect… I’ve also heard that using a heavier weight for less reps is a way to do this, but there are so many different things I’ve read, I would just like someone with experience to help me out here thank you!

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2 Responses to “How can I gain muscle mass quickly without using steroids?”

  1. Nathan said :

    here is somthing that helped me gain 15lbs of pure muscle.

    do these is the same order, and do them every other day.

    5 pull-ups
    10 push-ups
    15 Squats
    repeat them 10x then you will notice differnt right after the first day.

    On the days you are not doing that you can:

    15 Chest Fly
    10 Side Lateral Raises
    15 Hammer curls
    8 Triceps Kick Back

    Repeat these 5x

    I have asked the same question, and this is what i got for an answer, so im telling you. This is what i followed and i gain fast.

  2. Barry said :

    I have worked out for years and managed to put on lots of muscle without the juice.
    You have to concentrate on the basic exercises. Do these with two days rest between workouts.
    1.Bench Press
    On the other days work on the smaller muscles like rows for your lats and barbell curls. 3 sets but more reps (10)
    Also, do cardio before every workout for 20 minutes to warm up your muscles and get the juices moving.
    Then, have at least one day where you dont work out at all.
    For supplements, most dont hep much but creatine is OK, and a good multi vitamin is a necessity.
    For food, just cut back on the carbs but dont eliminate them ex: whole wheat bead for white, no chips, etc.
    Good Luck.


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