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How can I get muscle without lifting weights?

My main goalds are training and gaining muscle, strength, and endurance. How can I get some muscle mass without using weights.

I dont want muscle like bodybuilders and my muscles dont have to be cut either. I want muscles like a fighter.

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24 Responses to “How can I get muscle without lifting weights?”

  1. Lucine H said :


  2. Tidus said :


  3. haytyrell said :

    hell no

  4. What? said :

    fighters lift weights

  5. Zachattck said :

    punch things.

  6. steven h said :

    Sit-ups, Push-ups, pretty much any kind of up.

  7. Mootron said :

    Your best bet IS to train with weights a little bit my friend, alot of fighters do in-fact weight train. But, if you want to build muscle without any weights, your best bet is body-weight. I fell in love with there are a shiz load of training articles and their superstore sells good shiznu. Goodluck, and remember, weight-lifting+Cardio+Fighting skillz=Uber-face smashing.

  8. Matthew L said :
  9. vanamont7 said :

    Look this over. Don’t buy if you know somebody who has a copy and you can look it over before you do;

  10. insideout72 said :

    Eat more foods that are high in protien. Basically, you have to take in more calories than you lose.

  11. agnostification said :

    I know you said no weights, but if you use like, 2 or 5 pounders and do ALOT of reps with them, you will ge the muscle structure you desire. It will give you toning and strength without the herculean muscle masses.

  12. Cristi@n said :

    use your body as weights.
    calisthenics too.
    try some martial arts…

  13. vazsingh_soorma said :

    You cant. Try boxing.. it should get you’re body moving and it should have the same impact as lifting weights and getting muscles only less.

  14. rt said :

    need to do some leaning towards the wall in a standing position or lying on ur stomach. Use less weights..this will help u to gain strength!!

  15. KC V said :

    Running, push-ups, chin-ups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups are a great start!

    Best wishes.

  16. rob123dev123 said :

    isometric excersizes. Use your body as its own resistance. Remember there is no muscle building of any kind without resistance. You should at least consider light free weights as a supplement.

  17. Erin said :

    It sounds like you want to tone. I would strongly recommend aerobic workouts like bike riding, running, swimming, etc. That will definately increase endurance, strength, and muscle. You want to use the large muscles in your legs/arms in excercises with constant motion. Also consider pilates and yoga classes. Taken in combination they can really provide a great balance. But if you really want muscles like a fighter, try kick boxing.

  18. missi said :

    why can’t we all just have perfect bodies without working for them? just like losing weight without the diet or exercise. get off your butt, and start working at it. although my husband didn’t lift weights to get big he just got a job that required physical labor.

  19. Tim O said :

    Calisthencis can produce and tone muscle. I’m told the secret to creating muscle is to eat low fat foods high in protein, before you exercise and low fat, high fiber carbohydrates afterward.

  20. JenniFire said :

    Yoga and swimming are great for building the type of muscle you are talking about. Both are fun but are more challenging than you might think.

    Yoga utilizes isometric muscle toning. My yoga instructor (who is male) has very nice, toned muscles and never lifts weights. He practices yoga (obviously), cycles, and runs regularly.

  21. gurlieak said :
  22. peter b said :

    do push ups and spiriting and swimming.

  23. Bryan M said :

    I did a sick workout with a heavy bricks and big compound movements.

    Like, big logs and stuff. It was awesome.

    Weights are good, but if you want to go for functional strength, do heavy movements you’d do in real life with exaggerated weight. Lifting tires over your head (please be safe) pushing your car while it’s nuetral (have a driver) push ups and pull ups.

    And most importantly, eat right.

  24. indonesia store said :



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