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how can i lose belly fat fast? Please help?

I’m 15, male. All i have is belly fat, nowehre else on my body, but some toning won’t hurt. i can only workm out at home, for reasons i’d rather not share. i cant even go for a run or bike ride or anything, and won’t b able to for a while. i have light and heavy dumbbells. can u please give me a workout i can do at home in order to lose my belly fat, and put on more muscle. I mean a speciffic workout, thanks

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3 Responses to “how can i lose belly fat fast? Please help?”

  1. thexfilez said :

    I suggest lots and lots of sit-ups to build the muscle in your stomach then you need some kind of cardio work. Muscle burns fat quicker which is why you do sit-ups first. You could get a stationary bike, a small trampoline to run on the spot, skipping works great too. The skipping rope would be the cheapest option.

    Good Luck.

  2. PUFF... said :

    jumping rope. Boxers do this all the time. its essentially jogging in place.

  3. Anthony Pollart said :

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