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HELP!! I need help with exercises to lose belly fat fast!!?

I am going to the Marine Corps ball in almost 6 weeks… I’m SUPER motivated and am following a strict low carb diet and for the past week (since I was invited) have been spending an hour a day or so at the gym, the elliptical machine, exercise bike, and a few machine weights, or swimming laps, and turbo jam workout videos…. so needless to say I am getting a LOT of cardio in. my problem is that I have stomach fat that I REALLY want to shrink before then. I know cardio helps a lot, but are there some specific exercises I can do that are great for the stomach….. I know all about crunches and that, I just didn’t know if I did them if it would do any good… also I wonder if anyone knows any exercises I can do to shrink my hips and butt. I’m willing to try anything to boost my weight loss.

Thanks in advance!!
A big question of mine is am I wasting my time doing sit ups? and other exercises like that since i do have stomach fat? an dI know you can’t see my abs, or will doing them help tighten the muscles and make me look thinner?
One more thing to ask lol…. I have heard that acai berry suppliments are great for boosting weight loss… does anyone know if thats true?

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5 Responses to “HELP!! I need help with exercises to lose belly fat fast!!?”

  1. *FashionistaGrl* said :

    CARDIO is the answer hunny…run, swim………run more…thats the best way…



  2. asdkfh, said :

    cardio (running with lifestep) weighits, situps

  3. the giver said :

    well heres something this is what me and my girlfriend do it has many pluses. take a martial arts class find a teaccher that is hardcore like takes it seriously will be on top of you. you lose weight then once you lose it you have weight control you only have to go like 3 nights a week and you’ll be fit you learn how to protect yourself also or just do sit ups but what i find that helps is when you feel like you wanna stop that you can’t go any further push your self not too hard but then up that everyweek do more and you’ll feel better in your daily activities you will be healthier have more endorphens and you’ll lose weight. if your serious about it exercise after each meal thats what my friend does and she swears by it that it works

  4. dkgoode said :

    Run, run, run, and run. Sit-ups will build and tone your abbs but will not lose the fat on top of them. GOOD LUCK!

  5. beachgirl said :

    This page has a lot of good info. about excess belly fat and how to get rid of it. You’ll see a link to some good target exercises that you can do at home.

    The acai berry is healthy but no healthier than blueberries. It is simply the latest in a long line of “the newest weight loss fad.” Save your money…

    Have fun at the ball!!


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