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What exercises do I need to do to lose my belly fat?

What exercises do I need to do to lose my belly fat?
Ok I am a very fit person 5’8 and weight 138lbs. My stomach is completely flat but still I can’t see the six pack. Its covered by a little layer of fat that I need to lose. I do tons of abs exercises, but I still can’t see the six pack, I need to lose that little fat that is covering it. So what are good exercises for this?

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4 Responses to “What exercises do I need to do to lose my belly fat?”

  1. usheredinmusic said :


  2. Grifter75 said :

    Cardio. But you may also need to evaluate your diet.

  3. Jan Z said :

    You need to get bigger abdominals, so try adding some more weight to the exercises. Also check your diet and cardio to see what you need to do to get that little fat off.

  4. ej said :

    1. Focus on the intensity of your workouts and working your whole body. For the majority of the time, you should be training the largest muscle groups of the body like the chest, back and legs. Do lunges, squats, clean & presses, deadlifts, squats.

    2. Crunches and sit ups are the LEAST effective way to develop abs. They provide the least amount of resistance. It is resistance that tones up the muscles. Some good ab exercises include hanging leg raises and lying leg thrusts.

    Here’s a good site to learn more about effective abdominal exercises:


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