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What kind of cardio exercises can help lose weight fast?

hello ppl! 🙂
wat kinda cardio exercises will help lose weight? im lookin for the ones which are pretty simple and easy to do at home..
i would like to lose around 20 pounds..

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2 Responses to “What kind of cardio exercises can help lose weight fast?”

  1. ProfessorK said :

    Any kind of cardio exercise will help you lose weight. The real question is: what kind of exercises do you enjoy doing and what can you do at home?

    Do you like to/Can you…

    Take long, brisk walks or jogs?
    Do fitness DVDs?
    Ride a bike?
    Buy any cardio equipment?

    One thing that’s a little easier to do at home (in my opinion) is strength training. You can use your own body weight to do calisthenics, yoga, or pilates, or you can use household items for weights (canned foods, old milk jugs filled with water). It’s a myth that cardio exercise burns more calories than strength training. Strength training builds muscle, which means that you burn some calories while doing the exercise, but you burn even more over time because you’ve built muscle. Having more muscle on your body means you’re burning calories at a higher rate.

  2. mansionghost said :


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