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I need to lose my belly fat, like fast because summer is here & i want to be able to wear my cute bathing suit?

i don’t know what exercises to do to get rid of my belly fast quick. i just need some ideas.. so please help!

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4 Responses to “I need to lose my belly fat, like fast because summer is here & i want to be able to wear my cute bathing suit?”

  1. Godisnowhere said :

    Dead-lifts, squats, chin-ups, dips, and push ups. These exercises will make you look toned. Just look up these exercises, then go to your nearest gym and do them. Make sure to keep good form!

  2. gail said :

    Belly fat can be particularly stubborn, but with patience and diligence, you can take care of the problem. You basically need to attack the problem on three fronts. The first one is your diet. You need to eat small, highly nutritious meals. Don’t starve yourself, but eat small amounts at a time. The second front is to eliminate or severely restrict your sodas and sweet drinks and focus on water. The third is activity. Not only do you need to do exercises that target that area, but you need to do daily cardio as well. I’ve included a link to a page that has some excellent tips to eliminate belly fat. The diet below is the quickest weight loss I know:
    1) Go on the 5-4-3-2-1 diet (on the same site)
    It works really well, but choose healthy foods to eat (lean protein, veggies, fruits, whole-grains, low-fat dairy, heart-healthy oils). You don’t want your metabolism to get sluggish because that slows weight loss.
    2) Give up all sweet drinks (even diet soda) and drink mostly water
    3) Give up all extra sodium (don’t salt your food and don’t eat salty food)
    4) Give up sugar (this is easy after the first three days)
    5) Be active 30-60 minutes a day (the more the better for your metabolism and for burning calories)
    Good luck!

  3. ci402sx said :

    I find that calisthenics is quite effective when combined with cardio. Jump squats, mountain climbers, floor sweepers, pullups, touchdown lunges, and crunches are good beginner bodyweight exercises that both get your blood pumping and aid in real world strength. Combine that with both high intensity interval training and some endurance cardio training, and it should kickstart your fat loss. And of course, diet is most important!

  4. scotricker said :

    Hi, you might want to take a look at this:


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