HELP!! i need to lose belly fat fast?

ok so im a12 year old female about 112lbs or 115 im not sure (i dont have a scale is broken) i have some belly fat not a lot but i really want to get rid of it cause im very selfconcious about how i look. my thighs are not big i kinda like them but there a little flabby and i want to tone them up and get some of the fat off them and i also i want to lose inches off my hips…i know theres no spot reducing but how can i lose fat in thoes areas fast?!?!? please answer soon =]

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2 Responses to “HELP!! i need to lose belly fat fast?”

  1. Camee said:

    Take up running–its the fastest and healthiest way to tone up and lose a little (or a lot:) of weight. Oh, and also do some ab exercises to tone your stomache.
    Good Luck!
    Hope this helps!

  2. Kimmy said:

    your only 12! you will lose all of this belly fat as you get older
    but the best advice eat smaller portions of food and exercise, play a sport or go running
    good luck but dont stress about it your still very young


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