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Whats a good way to lose fat in your arms fast? & legs? Please Help

So I’m 14 yrs old am 5’1 and weight 126-128 pounds.
I’m working out everyday for 1 hr. I have seen weight lose
but it seems like my arms are getting more bulky. >.< I don't want that! ! ! ! How can I lose the fat there?? Also how can I lose fat in my legs?? Like the thigh area? Please tell me! Thank You! +Will doing push ups make me gain muscle or lose fat? +Will I be able to lose fat in my arms in just 1 month?

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11 Responses to “Whats a good way to lose fat in your arms fast? & legs? Please Help”

  1. Jaxx said :


  2. just me said :

    squats! and weights!;_ylt=AjI2twzUbA3lOYZyyN9CJfXsxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080807181643AAuK5zg

  3. Krissy! said :

    push ups & squats

  4. Jenn said :


  5. just00me said :

    run do squats and bench press and pushups.
    i have the same problems.

  6. Bay-lay :] said :

    1. Lift weights
    2. Lunges
    3. Run
    4. Bike
    5. Play soccer :]
    6. Eat lots of protein, especially after you work out

    You won’t bulk up overnight, so you’re going to have to work out about 2-3 times a week for months before you probably see any significant results.

    Hope this helps…good luck :]

  7. [N]ickel said :

    riding a bike
    doing push-ups

  8. the runescpae master said :

    run and sqauts and weights

  9. j$ said :
  10. Richard Pyatt said :

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  11. kesha said :

    I just turn 30 im depressed because i try everything to lose my arms. its too big and i also need help On my stomach and back fat. please help!!:(


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