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Will ballet help me lose some weight?

I’m a healthy weight but not as skinny and beautiful as some of the ballet girls in my school.
I would like to be stick skinny so I want to lose like 20 lbs.
What I was wondering is if ballet will help me lose weight quickly.

I’m 15. I’m a little embarrassed to be starting so late.
I did it when I was 4 and then we moved a lot.
Aren’t to old to be in a class with a bunch of 14 yr olds? Have I already missed my window?

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2 Responses to “Will ballet help me lose some weight?”

  1. misshiphop_x said :

    Yes But You Would be Better Losing Weigt With Modern,Hiphop,Cheerleading,Jazz more that sort of thing

  2. Jenny S said :

    Ballet will assist with losing weight, simply because it’s a form of exercise, so you’ll burn energy. To lose your 20 lbs you should mix ballet with other exercise forms, and with managing your diet. You could add other dance types to your weekly routine, play a sport, jog or ride a bike around!

    You are not too old to be starting at your age. Many people start later than you. As an interest rather than a profession there’s nothing wrong with it. It would be tough if you were looking to this as a future profession, as you would have a lot to catch up on. You will find that the majority of others in your class, regardless of age, will be friendly and supportive, particularly if you show the same attitude towards them, and communicate. We all are in this for essentially the same reason, so it’s a common bond you’ll find in all ballet classes.

    So no, you certainly haven’t missed any window. You could still get into ballet at any future stage of life, and if you are physically capable of performing, really enjoy the experience.

    Good luck with your ballet, and hope you can shed the 20 lbs!


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