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Does doing YOGA help you lose some weight ?

I know it tones up your body, but will it help me slim down a bit ? I’m short (about 5’0) and weigh about 103 pounds. I don’t want to lose a lot of weight. I just want to trim down the fat and even tone it up. Does yoga help you lose weight, or strictly just tone you up ?

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6 Responses to “Does doing YOGA help you lose some weight ?”

  1. Gefilte Girl said :

    You’re too thin to begin with and no, no weight loss.

  2. Mark4848 said :

    Aerobic exercise burns fat. Resistance exercises build muscle. Yoga is good for improving your flexibility.

  3. lindseymarie said :

    yeah i doubt you will lost anything. i also doubt you need to but try working out on an elliptical, you will burn a ton of calories if you do it right. that and watch what you eat, biggest meal should be breakfast because you have all day to use that energy.

  4. Maxi said :

    I started doing it seriously about three weeks ago. I do fitness yoga, so it combines strength, flexibility, and balance. I am a lot bigger than you, but I have lost about three pounds in three weeks (about one pound a week) and I do three to four sessions a week.

    I would suggest combining it with cardio. You may not want to do it right now, but after a yoga session you feel so relaxed that you will not even mind going for a short run. Good luck.

  5. Farhan said :

    Every day we experience stresses, which test our strength. Majority of us spend the whole day at the computer, in a stuffy room. And here we start to notice overweight, which we are eager to get rid, as it’s summer! We have no time and forces to visit a gym, but we all want looking good. Is it close to you? So, what to do?


  6. Jeremyyoga said :

    Yes it helps absolutely. Through it’s poses, deep breathing techniques and healthy eating tips.

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