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Is it true that once you get to high school you lose some weight?

I have heard that a lot of bigger girls lose weight and get taller once they get to their first and second years of high school, is this true?

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10 Responses to “Is it true that once you get to high school you lose some weight?”

  1. ImHereToHelp said :

    It is true that in your teen years you become a little less plump and gain a few inches (in height). but it doesnt maake you a stick.

  2. Mike G said :

    That’s called the ugly duckling syndrome, and only a few go through that.

  3. Sarah K said :

    I have seen this happen a lot actually! BUT I have also seen the opposite and seen some skinnier girls get a lot thicker.

  4. linigirl92 said :

    Um no, some actually put on weight. But if you get taller over the summer you may.

  5. Moxi Crime Fighter said :

    True only in the sense that the girl has more growing to do. Maybe someone who seemed a bit shorter and thicker in the middle in elementary and or junior high did some growing taller during the summer before school started. And sometimes growing taller can even things out in that way.
    Or maybe the heavy girl got smart and got active to lose some weight.

  6. Sarah M said :

    Girls that don’t go to high school do the same things too, it’s just puberty that’s all, which can begin at the age of 9 in some girls, but 11 to 13 year olds is more average.

    However, not all girls lose weight if they have a diet full of fatty foods and no good food – a LOT of people are fooled into thinking this! I know lots of girls who were big when they were 6, who were told they’d lost weight through puberty, and are even bigger now at the age of 20.

    Tallness depends on your genes – I am still short because my mum is

  7. Just Mom said :

    I’ve never heard that. I think it’s not the matter of starting high school it’s a matter of just growing up. Your age matters not your grade so if girls are growing into themselves then it’s because they are aging. Going to high school has nothing to do about it. I stopped growing in middle school and only my boobs grew and my face changed by the time I hit high school. 6 years since I graduated.

  8. Delphia J said :

    No not that I can tell.

  9. Lucifer's Kitty said :

    not really

  10. MegC said :

    depends entirely on the person. Ask your mum whether she got thinner, broader or just stayed the same etc as most likely that will happen to you:)


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