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How can i lose belly and thigh fat?

I am 16. 5’5″ and i weigh 147 lbs. this is unhealthy body weight, i play sports, and i try to eat healthy, i was hoping to find some good exercises to help lose fat in my stomach and thighs. PLEASE HELP!!! this is really important! i need to lose it fast too! please!

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7 Responses to “How can i lose belly and thigh fat?”

  1. sakura said :

    OH MY GOSH! I AM THE EXACT SAME HEIGHT AND WEIGHT only im 14! my stomach my thighs and my butt is my problem! if u get answers tell me pls babe xxxxx

  2. molly said :

    Here are some great thigh exercises that have helped me lose weight and get a flat stomach plus tighter thighs:

  3. Anonymous said :

    ok im 16 too and im in exactly the same position!!! its so hard but what i have to work on is portion control. i swicthed all my foods to healthy foods which i liked and then i pigged out on them instead but at least that was a change!!

    look up belly and thigh exercises on the internet and work out how many reps and stuff you should do. ‘the women’s book of exercises’ by men’s health is really good for this. do it 3 or four times a week with regular cardio (eg swimming/running)

    i know its all very good hearing this and you do this for like a week but all i can say is try your hardest be mean to yourself think about what you want and you can do this.

    good luck/!!

  4. babydreams123 said :

    Try cutting out carbs n eating mostly meat that is high in protein n loads of veg or salad, if u play lots of sports that should be burning fat aslong as ur gting ur heart rate up, try doing toning exercises like squats that will tone ur thighs and do the plank by lifting ur weight with ur toes and fore arms use ur stomach to hold u up u will defo feel the burn try building it up too 1min of keeping urself up

    Hope this helps chic x

  5. S said :

    Try doing cardio. For example: running, swimming, and riding your bike. For ab workouts do crunches, sit-ups, planks, and the air bike. To lose your thigh fat just do plenty of leg curls, wall sits, running and use the elliptical. As far as your diet goes, eat non fat foods. Eliminate all fried, processed, and fried foods from your diet.

  6. Health said :

    Everyone has a problem spot. It can be around the stomach, thighs, arms or chest. No matter where your trouble spot is, the solution is exactly the same. You need to eat less and exercise more. The reason why there’s only one solution for all of these problems is because it’s impossible to tell your body where to burn the excess fat from.

    When you eat too many calories, your body stores the excess energy as fat in different areas around the body. To lose this fat, you need to create a calorie deficit (eat less than you burn) to force your body to start burning that fat for energy. There is absolutely no way to control where your body goes to find this extra fat.

    The larger your calorie deficit (a bigger calorie deficit means a bigger difference between what you eat and what you burn) the faster your body will burn excess fat and the quicker your body fat percentage will start to decrease. You can increase your calorie deficit by cutting your daily intake and exercising more. Sit ups will do nothing to target the fat around your abs just like squats will do nothing to target the fat around your thighs. You can find some more information at the Straight Health Forums –

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