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What is the best exercise to lose weight on your thighs?

My body is fairly well toned; I play sports and run often, but I would still like to lose weight from my thighs. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “What is the best exercise to lose weight on your thighs?”

  1. ems said :

    cardio like running and jogging, biking ect

    and squats worked wonders for me

  2. xoxo said :

    You can’t spot reduce, or lose weight from only one area from your body. To lose weight, you need to up your cardio intake (running, swimming, etc) and down your calorie intake. But never ever go below 1200 calories a day!

    If you’re toned and you DO cardio and your thighs are still “bigger”, you’re probably stuck with them. I know exactly how you feel. We just have to embrace our legs and be proud of them! Chicken legs aren’t desirable either.


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