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“Need Help” For Workout Plan To Build Muscle And Lose Some Fat.?

This Is A Rough Draft, Im A Beginner So Any Tips Will Be Appreciated. Thank You.

Eat Something “SMALL” (1) Hour Before Working Out.
Do CARDIO For 10 Minutes.
Do Weight Lifting Workout.
Do Push Ups After Workout To Kill The Extra Fuel In The Tank.
Do CARDIO For 10 Minutes.
Eat A “High Protein” Meal.
Take A Shower.
=) Done, Now Smoke A Joint If Possible J/K.

P.S. Days Off, Walk 30-60 Minutes.

Workout Days=Sun,Mon,(Tue),Wed,(Thu),Fri,(Sat).

*Warm Up And Cool Down CARDIO, 3 Minutes.*
(1)-Shoulder Shruggs.
(2)-Arm Circles.
(3)-Open And Close Door.
(4)-Jog In Place.
(5)-Waist Punches.
(6)-Uppercut Punches.
(7)-Hook Punches.
(8)-Steam Engine.

*Weight Lifting Workout, 3 Sets Of 10.*
(1)-Chest=Incline Press, Pec Flys.
(2)-Back=Bent Over Dumbbell Rows, Dumbbell Pullovers, Back Extensions.
(3)-Shoulders=DB Front Raise, DB Lateral Raise.
(4)-Biceps=Concentration Curls, Barbell Curls.
(5)-Triceps=Dips, Kickbacks.
(6)-Legs=Barbell Squat, Static Lunges.
(7)-Abdominals=Bicycle Abs Exercise.
(8)-Forearms=Wrist Flex, Wrist Extensions.

*Foods That Work*
-Tear Down Food-
Egg Whites
Brown rice
Whole Weat
-Recovery Food-
Chicken Breast

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One Response to ““Need Help” For Workout Plan To Build Muscle And Lose Some Fat.?”

  1. Jim P said :

    Your diet sounds good I’d throw some salmon in there. If you add a strong whey powder and some free form amino s like arginine… to that then you will increase muscle mass faster.


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