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i wanna build muscle but i also wanna lose fat. how do i do it?

i been lifting weights for 7 months now trying to get swollen but i also need to lose some fat. im 5’7 175lbs but most of my fat goes to my stomach and face and specially my chin. i heard if run ill lose fat but also muscle. and i know i have to eat to gain muscle. so i cant be in no diet. so what can i do.

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6 Responses to “i wanna build muscle but i also wanna lose fat. how do i do it?”

  1. bada_bing2k4 said :

    Mix in HIIT with your weight lifting routine. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been shown to both burn more fat and burn less muscle for energy. It basically consists of short sessions of intense training in intervals. i.e. running on a track – sprint for 30 seconds, then jog for 30 seconds, then sprint for 30, then jog for 30, and so on for 8 minutes. Very difficult but it works you out well and burns lots of fat in a short period of time.

    Also, the way bodybuilders do it is to break training up into two alternating phases: cutting and bulking. First, they cut, which means losing the fat. In this phase (usually 8 weeks), they will eat less calories and put more of an emphasis on cardio. Mix it up – HIIT, long jogs, bike, sprints, etc. You also lift but not as intense, and you do not consume calories like a monster as you do in the bulking phase.

  2. Sherah Princess Of Power said :

    drink 8-10 glasses of H2O a day
    eat 5 vegi’s & 5 fruits eat them don’t drink them
    go to & get the best plan for you & follow it
    exercise one day of cardio & one day of weight lifting alternating back and forth like every other day
    and when you feel hungry drink a big glass of water & wait 10 minutes before eating

  3. cara said :

    fat turns into muscle so i guess do crunches or something to turn the fat on your stomach into muscle and as for the fat on your face it can be a good thing cuz it helps you from aging as fast as ppl with lil fat on their faces i hope this helps

  4. goldshire1 said :

    There is no way to “turn fat into muscle” so you need to either lose the fat first and then build muscle or build muscle and then lose fat. I would bump up cardio and do cardio resistance while watching my calorie intake to lose fat and then increase calories, cut back on cardio and really ramp up the weight training to build muscle.

  5. huckleberry said :

    The truth is you are born with every muscle cell you will ever have so eating will not help you “gain muscle”. Exercise will. Protein helps REPAIR damaged muscle but does not increase it.

    There are no exercises you can do for your chin. Liposuction perhaps?

    Where did you hear that you will lose muscle if you run? You will only lose muscle if you starve yourself. Your body starts to eat the muscle tissue once it depletes the fat stores.

    So, continue lifting weights and add some cardio exercises as well. Eat healthily and enjoy your life.

  6. marky said :

    The way to build muscle and lose fat the same time is have a 20 minute jog/run/bike ride etc and then stop the physical exercise straight away.then start pumping the weights.drink plenty of water and when it is meal time increase the amount of vegetables and increase the amount of protein intake by a little bit but do not increase the amount of fat intake as you will defeat the purpose of losing the weight then you will see the loss of weight and gain of muscle.


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