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I’m 16 yrs, 5’2″, 101 lbs and I’m looking to lose some fat in areas, and overall. any diet or exercise tips?

I’m only looking for 10-5 lbs to be lost, but mostly I want it to be in my thighs, triceps and stomach (esp lower.) I’m vegetarian, also so diet tips are pretty limited. Does anyone have any idea for eating plans.. that I’ll want to continue to do? Does anyone know of any exercise machines for abs that work the best? And any tips, exercises at all for my goal.

Also, I’m heard of doing push ups to build up muscle underneath the fat of the bosom, to make them look bigger and I’m wondering if that’s a good idea. Because I don’t want all that fat to be turned to muscle there, or to lose any fat at all because I’ve already lost what I was already lacking. So any tips there as well?

ALSO I want to take diet pills but I’m scared to death of what they’ll do to my health and what will happen to my weight when I stop. So.. any idea there either?

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11 Responses to “I’m 16 yrs, 5’2″, 101 lbs and I’m looking to lose some fat in areas, and overall. any diet or exercise tips?”

  1. tpoof said :

    trust me it wont be healthy

  2. katmandouou said :

    no pills just RUN it tones your legs making them thin

  3. ed-mike said :

    you are perfect weight for your height at your age, don’t be a victim of society induced anorexia!!!

  4. Matt said :

    go to a natropath or nutritionist to get a diet made up. worked for me old man.
    diet pills are a bit of a health hazard, may as well take up smoking, lol, has pretty much the same effect on health.

  5. Jennifer L said :

    FAT………you think you are fat, what is wrong with you girls, check the height and weight scales, you are NOT anywhere near fat, but if you think you are, you are on the verge of an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulemia, I suggest counseling, before you are ill….physically.

  6. halicon2000 said :

    your young do some jogging eat right and you will be fine

  7. britt said :

    wow, you sound exactly the weight i want to be haha .. im the same height as you, but more like 12 lbs heavier .. and i still dont consider myself fat haha .. i read in some thing that the healthy weight for someone who is 5’2″ is 95-115 lbs .. and you seem like you’re right in that range.

    so don’t worry so much about what the scale says, but instead, how you want your body to look. do cardio and strength training and you should be completely toned .. thats what im starting to do right now. Anyone would kill to be 101 lbs, so don’t stress too much over it, or it might be dangerous to your health.

  8. Rob said :
  9. Guinea said :

    Why do you need to lose weight. It looks like you are already vergining on becoming underweight. If you lost 5lb-10lb, you would be very underweight, even if you have a smaller frame.

    Please just tone up, but don’t lose any more weight. HTH : )

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