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Is it possible to lose some belly fat without exercising?

I don’t have the time for exercise. I would like to know of a diet or what foods to eat to get rid of me belly fat. I don’t have a lot, I’ve put on a little weight this summer, I dunno why =[
please help!!

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3 Responses to “Is it possible to lose some belly fat without exercising?”

  1. californiakitty16 said :

    Yes, you should just avoid sugary carbs and eat alot of fruit and vegetables.
    Eat lean protiens like tofu, nuts and seeds, and beans.
    Also fish.
    Don’t eat much or if possible any junk like candy, fried food, pastries, baked goods, and red meat.
    Also, make sure you eat fewer calories than you burn.
    Drink plenty of water!

  2. H♥llister said :
  3. msmonroe2003 said :

    its better to exercise, flat stomachs are usually of muscle. If you eat a lot of fiber, it helps so like fruits and veggies. But everyone has time for some crunches! Do like 50-100 at night right before bed♥


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