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What are some healthy tips to incorporate into daily living?

And I’m not talking diet tips. I want to know about nutrition, cleaning, exercise, etc. – What are your best tips to have a healthy lifestyle?

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4 Responses to “What are some healthy tips to incorporate into daily living?”

  1. .:*Katie*:. said :

    Walk 30 minutes everyday. You will just feel better about yourself(you might even lose a few lbs!)

    Meditate- take a few minutes out of a stressful day just for yourself, soncentrate on one thing while you just relax.

    I incorporate nuts and almonds into my diet everyday. They are brain energizers, and they keep you full too!

  2. silent explorer 13 said :

    Don’t sit in front of the TV. Might sound strange, but when you sit and watch TV, you usually snack, and not always on healthy food. Just limit the amount you watch and the amount of sugary snacks you eat while you watch.

    As for exercise, go for walks – the mental and physical benefits are endless. My husband and I go for walks (3-4 times per week) for at least half an hour. It’s a good time to unwind and just spend time together, all while getting some exercise.

    As far as nutrition goes, know where your food comes from. Cook as much as possible from scratch and avoid products that list a lot of ingredients that you don’t know. Eat foods closer to their natural state, and avoid a lot of processed food.

  3. learner said :

    Cleaning tip:I made a regular habit of washing my hands if i go out of my house even for 5 minutes. I keep a small-size hand sanitizer with me in my purse. So after grocery cart putting back or after using a public pen at the bank, I use the sanitizer right away.

  4. Hannibal the Cannibal said :

    I’m busy so I’m a huge fan of time savers.

    Instead of doing power walking (I’d run but I’m disabled…if you can run, do so), I take a set of dumbbells with me and do upper body exercises instead of just swinging my arms. This way, I can build and burn more calories.

    Instead of cooking dinner, I cook enough to have a lot of leftovers. This saves me time cooking later, and makes it much faster to prepare a lunch to take to work.


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