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Could anyone give me some weight loss tips to lose weight fast?

I have a modeling contest coming up and I need to lose some weight immediately. Weightloss has been an issue for me before so I need you guys to give me ways to lose weight fast!

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8 Responses to “Could anyone give me some weight loss tips to lose weight fast?”

  1. Colin Kiser said :

    Don’t eat.

  2. Mr Chops said :

    Watch your diet and do some vigorous exercise,,there is no other way

  3. minimarina said :

    eat! eat, egg whites and cottage cheese and tuna fish for however long. take a multivitamin along with this

  4. Smell this said :

    …YES ! Eat less and exercise more ! (any “other” things I can help you out with today ?)

  5. britt k said :

    Aside from eating healthier and working out?… There is this coffee/tea I started drinking a few weeks ago. It’s organic, doesn’t spike your sugar or insulin levels, boosts your metabolism to burn fat and suppresses your appetite. I took their 10 day challenge and lost just over 8lbs. You should check it out…

  6. William said :

    You are best cutting out processed carbs like bread, pasta and rice from your diet. Then stick to foods like lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables. Also get some healthy fats into your diet as well like olive oil and fish.

    Get more active as well to burn fat and calories. A higher intensity workout will burn more fat and elevate your metabolism after you have finished working out. You can get a free home workout to burn fat at home here if you like:

    Be consistent and work hard and you well be stripping the fat of you in no time. Good luck

  7. LITTLE BIG MAN. said :

    it is hard but to lose weight fast watch what you are what you eat go jogging nice and steady.

  8. Jannes Bodevaard said :

    I strongly suggest you to use this diet program:

    It’s one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast until you reach your goal. Of course, it requires some discipline but I think it will work out just fine for you!


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