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My weight is 195 since I had my baby 10months ago. My usual weight is 175. What can i do to lose weight fast?

Does anyone know any fast weight loss secrets that would help me? I am also diabetic so eating a lot of fruit isn’t good for me. I am so sick of my big stomach I look like I’m seven months pregnant! Please help me?

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3 Responses to “My weight is 195 since I had my baby 10months ago. My usual weight is 175. What can i do to lose weight fast?”

  1. Tom said :

    Okay the best way to lose weight is to concentrate on 2 main things, this is your diet and your workout.


    You need to get both of them right, now your diet should work like this… you should be eating a meal every 2-3

    hours but not a junk food snack/meal. When i say meal i mean something which is healthy ie you might have some

    pasta with tuna, or a quick banana as a snack. The foods you eat should be COMPLEX carbs ie pasta, brown bread etc

    etc. You also want to try and get as much fruit + ved in a day. Make sure you have a good amount of protein

    throughout your meals.

    Now you also need to work out your Basal Metabolic Rate, this simply tells you how many calories you burn a day,

    you need to find out how much your actually eating now its most likely to be in excess if it is you want to TRY

    and cut down 500 calories and stick to your new total amount. This shouldnt be hard because you will be eating

    Complex carbs which are just as filling but have a lower calorie count but are better for you than empty calories

    which are found in simple carbs.


    Okay now for your workout what you want to be doing is concentrating on many different types of cardio exercises.

    These are your jogging,swimming basically anything that makes you sweat and makes your heart pound. If you can

    join a gym as they have a lot of cardio machines there. Now once you get in to the hang of say jogging, what i

    mean by this is say you jog 20 mins everyday eventually you will come to a point where your not losing anymore

    weight this is like hitting a brick wall, this means you need to up the game, start jogging that extra five

    minutes a day, start taking that one less suagr in your cup of tea.

    I can guarantee you that you will lose weight i have had to both GAIN and LOSE weight as i was an ex boxer I

    assure you that this will work, but the most important tip is motivation from YOU!

    Best Of Luck

  2. hi! im here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said :

    running and proper diet 🙂

  3. apex5986 said :


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    hope this helps


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