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I need to lose some weight before the middle of October. Can somebody give me tips?

I’m going to an anime convention in October, but I need to lose some weight if I want to look good in my cosplay! Can somebody give me weight loss tips that I’ll get results from?

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10 Responses to “I need to lose some weight before the middle of October. Can somebody give me tips?”

  1. jenn said :

    don’t eat that much junk food do lots of sit ups and exersize

    hope i helped

  2. will said :

    alright so you have a little over a month to loose that weight, well i suggest that not only do you run for 30-60 minutes every other day but also try to eat healthy. food low in fat and sugar would be the ideal things to eat

  3. medusa said :

    Fruit smoothies

  4. 147guy said :

    ok first of alldont go out and buy some big weght loss stuff. i suggest running. its hard but it gets easier. i started cross country recently and i was horrible, but i slowly got better and better, it gets easier and you start to loose weight and gain stamina.
    good luck with your convention

  5. Becky said :

    maybe changing your diet would help, ive heard 5 small meals a day instead of 3 bigger ones helps. this stops you from snacking so much between meals.
    and an exercise plan that you can stick to.

  6. Amy lynn said :

    Eat less and exercise more. Drink lots of H2o. Keep away from fatty foods. Put more fruits and vegitables into your diet.

  7. michele said :

    Drink LOTS of water. Have a full bottle with you all the time.

    Incorporate strength training AND cardio. It is vital. Walking 20-30 min/day about 4-5 days a week is fine. The strength training will increase your muscle, and muscle automatically burns more calories than fat. Don’t skip the weight training!

    Limit your calories, but don’t go TOO low (that’s what trashes your metabolism). Stick around 1000-1200 cals / day for the best results.

    Don’t put dressing directly on your salad. Instead, get low fat or no fat dressing on the side. Dip the tines of your fork into the dressing and then put the salad on. You’ll get all the taste with very, very few calories.

    Have fun at your cosplay!

  8. cbella76 said :

    try for free weightloss info the healthy way

  9. eePe said :

    A great resource to help you lose some weight is’s free and doesn’t take long to register… They have a nutrition tracker you can use to keep track of what you eat, and a fitness tracker to keep track of your exercising.

    Eating 1220-1550 (…depending on weight and goals, if you register with, it will give you some guidelines that will fit your needs specifically) …anyway, eating 1220-1550 calories per day, drinking AT LEAST 64 ounces of water per day, and burning 450-500 calories per week (about 150 calories every other day) There are TONS of exercises to browse and choose from, a great community to get support from, and lots of tools to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    I hope you find something that works for you!! Good Luck!

    This is the first time I’ve run across someone else that’s used/is using! (…the post above mine…) …nifty.

  10. XiaoZhen said :

    Try low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein, and exercise. The foods are low caloried, and yet filling and healthy. Brisk walking is great for burning body fats.

    It is my lifestyle now. I am on low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and a hour brisk walk 5 times a week, and I have lost 31lbs/14kg and gained better health. I am now maintaining my 108lbs/49kg for more than a year, with more fruits and complex carbs.

    Details such as my experience, meals, snacks, recipes, foods to buy, reading labels, walking as an exercise and to shape the body etc etc, are in my blog


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