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Why is it easier to lose fat when you have more fat?

I have barely any fat but im trying to lose it all. I know a bigger guy who started the same diet as me and we did all the same exercises. He has lost tons of weight. (he had a big stomach)
Me, i can only grab a little bit on my stomach. But i have lost only a little noticably. Why is it harder to lose fat when you dont have as much?

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14 Responses to “Why is it easier to lose fat when you have more fat?”

  1. Kelsey said :

    Well the more weight you have the more calories you burn(because it takes more energy being so heavy to do the same thing as someone who is so many pounds lighter)

  2. Jen said :

    The more you weigh, the quicker you burn more calories when exercising – more mass moving around and whatnot.

  3. Mariella Williams said :

    i don’t know why is that but i can tell u it’s freakin harder to loose all that extra skin you got hanging after u’ve lost weight…

  4. Steve O said :

    You have answered your own guest ion.Because there is more fat on a bigger person, therefore more fat too lose.
    Hope this makes sense

  5. chloe said :

    yep its true. its harder to loose fat when you dont have as much because chances are you are already eating pretty good. people with a lot of fat are prolly eating tons of carbs and not working out so when they loose weight theyre changing their actions drastically causing for more weight to be lost. i hope this makes sense! dont give up…you can do it!

  6. Olivia R said :

    when someone is larger or has more fat your going to notice the weight or fat loss more ur probably losing weight but since you have only a lil bit of fat it isnt as noticeable get it! Or your body could be burning the fat off on another part of your body
    Hope i could help!

  7. Slomifier said :

    I don’t know how accurate this is, but in exercises like running a bicycling, someone with more fat has more weight to pull around, making them work harder, burning more calories faster.

    Again, just winging it, but makes sense.

  8. m s said :

    You lose more fat when your heavier because you have MORE fat to lose, if that makes sense. When you only have a few pounds on you that you want to get rid of , those are usually the tough spots that your body decides loses the fat LAST. A really effective thing I have tried is the FAT FLUSH, it is NOT a fad diet at all, it just detoxifies your liver and makes you healthy, its awesome.

  9. musicman47 said :

    Try excercising with weights, and that might help you. And you also have to remember each person’s metobolism is different too. Good Luck 🙂

  10. Sarah C said :

    Because people who weigh more have to do more work to exercise, walk, etc. The more work a person does, the more calories he burns.

  11. Def Defying said :

    I know it sucks! For the guy who just wants tighter abs ya gotta work twice as harder.

  12. sweet tooth said :

    because the fatter the person , the more calories that person burns.
    you should have a different diet from the heavier person that is custom made for you, you should also start weight training to gain more muscle that will help you lose weight and change your cardio workout like if you’re jogging on a treadmill change to the hills program or every few minutes change the speed to surprise your body to burn more calories. if you are on an elliptical in the gym every day start on the rowing machine, join an aerobics class etc. you can also try a different aerobic excercise every day , like one day swimming the next jogging the third on the elliptical etc.
    maybe you aren’t eating enough calories to burn or you skip meals, you should try to burn around 200-500 calories a day , go to a dietician to get a proper diet, also never skip meals instead eat small meals several times a day so your body won’t think you are starving then starts to store fat whenever you eat.

  13. kestrelk8 said :

    the less fat you have the harder it is to lose because your body naturally wants to hang on to some of it to keep you healthy. i’m not sure why you want to lose all of it seeing as if you get below 3 or 4% you start suffering neurological damage. with so little fat on you your body is probably in starvation mode which means it is hanging on to that extra fat as hard as it can so you must trick it. start cycling your calories so that days 1-3 you are eating within weight loss limits and every 4th day you are eating at least as much as it takes to maintain your current weight. this will help trick your body out of starvation mode and help you lose the last little bit of subcutaneous fat you have. this is the trick body builders use to achieve their physiological peaks for photo shoots and contests. no one maintains this weight year round and its most likely that you won’t be able to either.

  14. joe c said :

    probably because muscle is heavier than fat so if you lose weight mainly through exercise then you are mainly converting fat to muscle,which is not such a bad thing.


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