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Best way to lose stomach fat fast…?

Im generally a normal weight, but most fat is on my stomach.

I am usually healthy, i just cant seem to get rid of the fat left on my stomach.

Any exercises or tips to help me lose the fat ????
Thx in advance

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3 Responses to “Best way to lose stomach fat fast…?”

  1. Steffi said :

    Eat food rich in fiber.
    Have Oat meal.
    Drink more water.

  2. Doug said :

    It’s likely that your answer lies in your lifestyle. You can make simple choices in your diet that will help you melt away the belly fat that you don’t lose through exercise. Start choosing more raw unprocessed foods, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Stop Drinking Pop. The average person who drinks pop everyday will lose 7 pounds of body fat by switching to water.
    You may have a impacted colon, you could seek out a natural-path or holistic practitioner and get a colonic. If that was the problem you would see near instant results.
    You can also develop an exercise program that will tone the body and help you to lose belly fat.

    An article Six Pack Abs and the Dangers of Excessive Abdominal Fat
    By Arnt Uthenn may be of interest to you.

  3. Insurance Guru said :

    How to get rid of the Fat Belly!!!

    If you want to lose weight in your belly you have to lose it throughout. The best way to lose the fat in the stomach area is by proper diet and exercise. Here are some tips for what should be done and what should not be done to reduce your belly fat. To read it check out


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