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Can you lose stomach fat and build a six pack in around 10 weeks, just with stomach excercises?

Or in other words, is it possible to loose stomach fat just by doing muscle exercises and healthy diet, or is lots of walking, cycling (medium to high cardio) also necessary?

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4 Responses to “Can you lose stomach fat and build a six pack in around 10 weeks, just with stomach excercises?”

  1. the best! said :

    use Wii Fit

  2. Mr. Angry said :

    stomach exercises wont burn off stomach fat, you cant target fat loss. U need a real good diet cardio to lose fat. But diet is key.

    U could lose fat with just diet alone, but cardio will help burn off extra cals

  3. dark_kitten2010 said :

    It may be possible depending how your body works. The last place you will lose fat is the first place you got it. Mainly because It’s been there the longest so it’s going to be tougher to get rid of. Stomach exercises work wonders but did you know that they don’t accually work out every part of your core? Try adding running a mile or 2 a day, depending on what you think your body and you can handle. If you don’t have a normal gym or something or don’t have time try my gym: Go to google and type in Snap 24/7 Fitness. Type in your zip code and they will search for a gym near you. They have everything from weights, to tanning, to a pool in most places. 🙂 Plus they’re open 24/7 so if you ever get bored and can’t sleep at 4 in the morning, go to the gym! Hope this helps!

  4. Nick D said :

    the truth of the matter is that you need to do cardiovascular exercises and abdominal exercises. the cardio exercises(cycling running swimming) will burn off any fat and the abdominal exercises will build the muscle. also you need to eat healthily. visit and that hould get you started


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