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i need a good meal plan to lose some fat?

ok so i am going in to the army in a about 2 months and i have already lost a significant amount of wight, but i am looking to get lean as possible before i go the BT.

i already run and ride my bike every wear i go and hit the gym 2 times a day for cardio. and i do my lower body one day then upper the next day as far as wights.

all i need is a good meal plan for burning fat with working out. i dont care how bad it tastes or how bland it is. i take all my needed vitamins daily.


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2 Responses to “i need a good meal plan to lose some fat?”

  1. Leel said :

    Plenty of greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, cereal bread and less sugar. Tell me after you win in achieving your ambition.All these are in addition to your work outs and other rigors. All the best.

  2. 2hip4u said :

    The best way is to just intake less calories, eat more vegetables, less complex carbohydrates such as white breads and white rice. Definitely stay away from candy, soda, and all the junk food. Try to intake at least 1500 calories a day however but no more than 2000.

    Try to take a protein shake after you work out, as you definitely want to build muscle, as it increases your metabolism and burns of fat even while you are resting. I would recommend a protein shake consisting of at minimum 25-50g of protein, and 25g of sugar, you can add many other supplements to that such as creatine if need be. (the reason you want to add sugar to your protein shake, is so that rather than burning off the protein you just took in, your body burns off the sugar and uses the protein to rebuild muscle)


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