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How do i lose some stomach fat?

i am 13 and i am just wondering how many sit ups or abdominal crunches a day i would need to do to lose about 1 inch of fat in about 1 or 2 months, thanks

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7 Responses to “How do i lose some stomach fat?”

  1. Debbie said :

    try walking, crunches will sometimes make that area thicker. watch what you eat and start out walking 1;0 minutes a day to 2o minutes aday.

  2. Samaira said :

    dont do situp and crunches now, u do jogging, fast jogging will reduce the fat from your body and also inches, if u do crunches and sit ups now whatever fat is there it wont be decreased and u build up muscle above the fat so it become impossible to reduce

    ur small in age otherwise i might had suggested u lidadaidai hua slimming pills, but now u cant go for it

  3. e800e said :

    The advice I got from many trainers is that you don’t lose fat in specific areas. You lose fat from the whole body. So just do cardio workout, join group classes. It’s very effective especially when you work out with other people in the same room.

    Eating yoghurt and soup will make you feel less hungry so you’ll eat less.

  4. timephonic said :

    Eat food with low glycemic index ( measurement of glusose that mixes with blood easily .. the more GI … the easy u will get fat)

    Try to intake less fatty and oily food

    Run / Cycle / or any cardio at morning ( 1 hour )

    excercise 30 min before sleep ( crunch , sit up & massages )

    eat 6 short meals (not the traditional breakfast lunch and dinner routine) this will keep ur metabolism rate same

  5. Cathy said :

    Google “tummywatcher” The website has a calorie calculator tool for various exercises. Also you can find out what your ideal body weight is, based on your height, age, and gender.

    The website also has five foods to fight hunger and other helpful tips as well as ab exercise videos you can follow and other helpful tips to achieve flat stomach.

  6. Chanel_Chance said :

    i’d recommend 100/200 crunches but in sets like 5 sets of 20 etc. it depends really on how fit you are and you should build up to it from time to time. crunches and sit ups however may cause you to have a bigger somach as you build up muscle through doing them.
    FAT IS NOT TURNED TO MUSCLE. so you tend to build muscle beneath the layer of fat on your tummy and it may appear larger than before.
    just do running/jogging/biking/swimming/skipping for 20 mins to start with, then gradually move up to 30, then 40 and so on.

    Try HULA HOOPING – ‘the cardio for abdominals’!!
    it’s not that hard to learn and it burns lots using all different abdominal muscles

    The results can be better than you believe – do it for just 10 minutes a day and you can lose as much as 100 calories. And this will mean that you can shed up to 2 inches from the waist in just 30 days.

    you can also do pilates as they strengthen your muscles

    or try “belly waving”…
    it aids the intestines to move food in your body – speeding up metabolism

    substitute – walk or bike instead of taking a car/bus
    take the stairs instead of a lift – run up
    take the longer path instead short cut
    take with you additional weight like books or a big bottle of water

    water – drink at least 2 litres of it /day. It prevents dehydration therefeore water isn’t stored in your body (bloating stomach and places around ankles and all that lot), + it detoxifines the body and therefore helps to speed up metabolism

    a natural way is also green tea – it boosts up metabolism in a natural way (5-6 cups a day burns off additional 70-80 calories)

    eat plenty of fibre rich foods as they aid the movement of your intestines therefore speed up metabolism

    and last but not least – a healthy balanced diet. lean protein, fruit, veggies- at least 5 a day (keep doc away), fish, nuts; also ditch snacks like sweets, chocolate, haribo, marshmallows, ice-cream, chips, crisps, fried foods, sodas, fizzy drinks, don’t eat take aways, avoid high salt foods,
    small portions, but eat 6 times a day and you’ll be fine


  7. Laci M said :

    these are all healthy ideas on my blog


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