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What is a good way to lose some stomach fat?

I have a little bit of a gut not that bad and some fat i want to get it atleast flat maybe a little toned by atleast june. So i can go to the beach with nice abs any tips? Thank you in advance

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3 Responses to “What is a good way to lose some stomach fat?”

  1. Mariela Barbara said :

    sit ups my good friend sit ups and use plastic wraps around ur belly when running to lose the max amount of fat

  2. chopsaw said :

    Hi Mike……….The military has the secret…….up in the morning out on the job…… 3 good meals a day, rest good at nite and run , run, and run some more. Swim a little if you like the water. But just run and drink cool water and eat good high in protein, foods. And of course “cool” water. Proteins= eggs, bacon, ham, meats, cheese, fowl, fish, and all the fresh veg’s you can get your hands on. For the snack eat a nice fresh pear or apple. You can do it.Good luck!!!

  3. Anne said :

    Sit-ups will build up your abdominal muscles, but do nothing to reduce fat. You’ll be more toned around the middle, but not any thinner. Wrapping yourself in plastic wrap will make you lose weight because you’ll sweat more. The weight you’re losing is almost entirely water and you’ll more easily overheat. Several wrestlers died a few years back trying to make weight using this technique.

    If you want to lose weight, exercise more, lift weights, eat healthy. It’s not fun, but it does work.


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