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do i have to lose some weight before i do push ups and free weights?

im a bit out of shape.,.i would say im more heavy on stomach and legs. i have started running to loose some weight but i want to work out by doing push ups..right now i can do about 10 full..but should i loose more weight before i do push ups? or do cardio at the same time?

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3 Responses to “do i have to lose some weight before i do push ups and free weights?”

  1. doumbek said :

    No, the strength exercises will help lose the weight. Take advantage of the extra pounds and do the push ups, when you lose the weight it will only get easier.

  2. sweetdiggity said :

    Incorporating strength exercises like push ups and squats with cardio actually is a better workout than just doing cardio – if you do it in circuit form.

    You don’t need to lose weight before you use weights and do push ups. Resistance training is excellent for weight loss.

    Since you want to do both, I’d recommend circuit training. It has both strength and cardio exercises all in one workout, and burns 3 times more calories than just cardio alone.

    Good luck!

  3. The Wild Man said :

    try the lillte Jack workout for maximum resultes


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