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How can I lose some weight before the Homecoming dance?

I am 14, 5’8, and 161 pounds. I know I’m a good weight, but I want to lose a little off of my arms so I can feel comfortable in my dress.

I eat pretty normally… snacks, fries. I’m going to start eating healthy things, and at normal meal times.

I also go to the gym. What exercises can I do to help my arms, torso, and legs?

Thanks in advance!

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5 Responses to “How can I lose some weight before the Homecoming dance?”

  1. Getting Healthy said :

    The best way to lose weight (this is proven!!!)

    Walk 2-3 miles a day (jog occasionally if you can)

    Don’t eat after 6pm (just water)

    Be very, very careful what you put in your mouth. Eat good food, but not too much of it. 6 small meals a day about a cup to a cup and half worth of food.

    You will feel hungry the first 3 days, but your body will get used to it.

  2. Ginny said :

    start eating healthy things now. today. next meal.

    snacks will be fruit, veggies and whole grains. stay away from high fat crackers, chips and candy.

    eat small things through the day like…oatmeal, fruits, veggies, granola bars, salads, cottage cheese, string cheese, yogurt, low fat snacks, crackers.

    if you go to the gym im sure they are circuit training machines. so find ones that work your triceps and biceps. along with your shoulders and “pecks”.

    for your torso, use one of those oversized exercise balls and do crunches on it. it always works my abs wonders.

    for legs i do squats, lunges (with 10 pounds weights). i do about 3 sets of 10 reps and i go on the elliptical at the gym for my cardio.

    aim for 1400-1500 calories a day and read nutrition labels to watch for fat content. pack your own lunch for school so you dont eat fries and what not at the cafeteria.

    if you keep working out and working your arms/building muscle your arms should be looking better and you will see results all over in a couple weeks. just dont give up after you see the results. just up your calories by about 200 so you can maintain.

  3. Rachy poo said :

    If you just want to get toned… I would go running about 6 miles every day! If you want to feel really good in your dress and look skinner I would do the Master Cleanse! Just look up what to do on the internet. It will make you look really good! And your face will be really clear and thinned out! And if you do that Cleanse I would go running 3 miles every day and you will look Really good at your dance!

  4. shea s said :

    After my daughter was born, I was desperate to lose some weight. You’re not supposed to hit the gym immediately after having a child, so I did what I could:

    I stopped eating fast food and icecream
    I started eating fruit between meals if I got hungry
    I took small portions at meal time, and didn’t go back for seconds
    I started walking once around the block before going anywhere
    I started walking a mile two or three times a week

    i lost 15 pounds before ever setting foot in the gym!

  5. Ant Boogie v4.0 said :

    this will make you very happy. IF you follow it perfectly:

    1600 calories. 700 from protein/700 from fats/200 from carbs.

    Lift weights 3-4x per week for no more than 45 mins.

    Do cardio 3x per week. For 30 mins. Each week add one day to the mix.

    One day per week have a cheat MEAL. Not cheat day. Cheat MEAL. Eat whatever your little heart desires. Then get back on the diet. Have this cheat meal on the same day each week.

    Eating like this will put your body in the best position to use stored fat as fuel. ALL day and night. Even while you sleep.

    Have fun at your dance!


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