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How much weight can I lose before being underweight?

I am 5’2 1/2, and around 95 lbs. My upper body stays small no matter how much weight I gain (I never gain any in my stomach or ribcage area), but my legs are pretty disproportional to the rest of my body, and it makes it hard to find jeans with a small waist and bigger legs.
My question is what should my weight goal be?
I know I want to lose weight in my legs, but how much can I lose without being unhealthy?

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8 Responses to “How much weight can I lose before being underweight?”

  1. the assassin said :

    You’re already underweight.

  2. Mum Mum said :

    None, that it is your shape , pear shape, nothing wrong with that !

  3. ironman0594 said :

    god your fine 95? geeze just loose like 10 if you really feel you need to

  4. T i n k e r b e l l said : calculate your BMI using this. Then take 1 lb off your weight at a time and keep going until it says you’re underweight.

    Rather than dieting, why not take up an exercise/sport that focuses on your legs? Like jogging?

  5. Don said :

    As long as your skin is still over your bones, its all right. Trust me.

  6. Memphis said :

    All the scientists and nutritionists say targeted weight loss is not feasible, specifically in the waist and belly zones, but I managed it with colon cleanse. I know they say that pills do not work, but they definitely worked for me, and they’ve been showcased on CNN too. There’s a free trial on at the moment at , why not try it, what’s the worst that could happen?

  7. SEGERLOVER said :


    you are already underweight. you can’t afford to lose any.
    if you feel your legs are big, just try exercises that targets the legs, like squats.
    and i’m sorry to say, you may not be able to get rid of it. my neice is thin and has huge thighs.

  8. MsPeanutBrittle said :

    As for the BMI check, whether or not 17.4 is “underweight” or not depends on your age. If you’re an adult, yes, but if your 20 or under, no, it’s different, and it goes by percentiles more than BMI. BMI’s are only rough indicators, anyways; they don’t work in your REAL fat/muscle mass, body shape, etc… If you’re 20 or younger, find a children’s BMI calculator to use.

    I think you shouldn’t worry as much about your weight as in toning your legs. Perhaps take up jogging/running or some other leg-focused sport? Soccer, competitive cheerleading, and figure skating come to mind, but for the figure skating you’d have to be serious (and it’s expensive!), you may not be able to join/find a soccer team, and competitive cheer…well…depends on your area, but there isn’t a whole ton of it out there. The U.S. is basically the only country that HAS cheerleading/competitive cheer. Be careful with “leg sports” though; some of them make your legs get BIGGER because of the muscle mass. You want lean muscle, not bulky muscle. Have you ever noticed how most figure skaters have big thighs? We have issues finding jeans sometimes too. 😉 Same idea with soccer players, and maybe even competitive cheerleaders. Joggers/runners tend to have lots of lean muscle, and it’s the most convenient for you, most likely, so why not take up that? 😉


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