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If a person is lifting weights too lose fat. What is a good way to measure fat loss, since your gaining muscle?

i read that too see your vains you have to have a certian amount of body fat. is this true? Is this a good way to measure fat loos

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11 Responses to “If a person is lifting weights too lose fat. What is a good way to measure fat loss, since your gaining muscle?”

  1. Audry K said :

    On some occasions diet and exercise basically is not the be-all and end-all, cos there will be excess weight basically sitting around in the pipes. It’s not body fat, therefore it can not be melted off, however it will be rinsed out, basically by taking a diet supplement. has a risk free offer on offer currently, I gave it a try and lost seventeen lbs!! Who says there’s no magic bullet? LOL!!!

  2. aziegler1387 said :

    Take your inches while you are working out and if you are working out and eating correctly you will notice that you are losing inches, even if you aren’t losing weight.

  3. trance.ecstasy said :

    i can make myself look like i have veins
    or if u eat enuff chocolate u can see the veins easy.

    weightlifters do it for points.

    measure fat loss?
    the scale?haha

    if u wanna lose fat then runnings the best

  4. Itachis.eyes said :

    well if your waste is shrinking, but your gaining weight…that is a good sign…there is no sure way to estimate body fat gain or lose but you can estimate it with an equation

  5. lizemrick said :

    Using the BMI chart, you can pinch your fat and measure it by the percentage contained in your body at the begining and that at the end of your time. Hope this helps!

  6. TC said :

    Just look in the mirror. If you like what you see, then you have lost enough fat.

  7. andy m said :

    From my experience, lifting weights does not burn any fat at all. It does increase your muscle size. But you need to do some cardio like running or cycling to get your heart rate up before you’ll burn any fat.

  8. pirateyarr said :

    The cheapest way to do it would be to buy a pair of calipers and do a skin fold measurement.

    Another way would be to buy a scale that estimates your body fat %.

    To be really accurate you need to do volume displacement, or some other technique.

  9. BIG A said :

    Get a body fat scale. Tanita is a good brand.

  10. hube0120 said :

    Your BMI or Body Mass Index is the only reliable way too know if you have burned fat. Any fitness instructor at your gym (or your doctor) can measure this.

    Also, being able to see your vain will not tell you your BMI. Many obese people can clearly see their vains.

  11. [ J ] a [ Y ] said :

    a BMI is NOT a reliable indicator of how healthy you are, because it does not take into account different TYPES of weight, nor does it equate for different races of individuals. Bodybuilders and gymnists are all obese or overweight according to the BMI, when clearly they are not.

    Waist measurements are better. under 94 cm for men is a good size, under 87 (from memory) for women.


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