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What is a good weight loss pill that gets rid of fat, but keeps muscle.?

Is Hydroxcut a good pill? If you know any others that they sell at Wal-Mart for under 30 dollars, please list them. Are there any weight loss pills that a 15 year old (185 lbs – 5’9”) to take safely without a perscription?

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7 Responses to “What is a good weight loss pill that gets rid of fat, but keeps muscle.?”

  1. Bracesarenotgood said :

    u funny..u need to workout hard

  2. M said :

    Hi, believe me, I have tried every diet pill you can think of and NONE of them work. You just have to exercise. By exercising you will get rid of fat and tone your muscle. Good luck

  3. Nobody... said :

    Diet pills don’t usually work that well. It would be better to exercise and eat healthy instead of taking pills with unknown elements inside them.

  4. Johnny Appleseed said :

    exercise (and its free). btw if your high school has sports programs you should join them

  5. MatD said :
  6. Shelly said :

    well hydroxycut is being used for sportsman about couple of years becuase it just make you loose your fat not your muscles, which make it better then all the rest of the diest pills . here you can learn more about hydroxycut .

  7. Maxmed F said :


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