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How can i lose stomach fat pretty fast?

Hey, i have a sic pack, but it is covered by a layer of fat. I can feel my hard abs under the fat. I was just wondering how can i lose the stomach fat and reveal my six pack. What should i eat? What exercises should i do? And how long do you think it will take to get rid of the stomach fat?

Thank you!

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5 Responses to “How can i lose stomach fat pretty fast?”

  1. Treesah said :


    Stay away from white grains like pasta, bread, flour, and rice. When eating grains go for whole wheat, it’s a lot healthier and has fewer calories. When eating meat, always go for lean or extra lean if available. Also stay away from junk food – of course! But, don’t demonize it, because if you are the type who loves their chocolate bars and you completely cut yourself off, you’ll only want them more. Cut down you junk intake to once a week, and on the day you have that chocolate bar make a mental note to get an extra 15 minutes of exercise that day.

    Make sure you drink lots of water; it helps your metabolism and hydrates your body (obviously). If you don’t drink enough water your body will think its going to be starved, and will go into “survival mode” – this’ll cause your body to retain all the water you do drink and all the fat it can get because its preparing to be starved. Also, drinking green tea every morning increases your daily metabolism by 17%. You can take vitamin b complex to increase your metabolism as well. Try eating 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism working, and never skip breakfast! Skipping breakfast will slow your metabolism for the day!

    When you snack only snack on fruits and veggies – they’re nutritious and delicious! And low in calories. My doctor recommended eating a slice of cheese with a piece of fruit as a snack so your also getting protein with your fruit. Try to stop eating after 7 pm, and only drink tea, milk, or water after that. This’ll prevent you from going to bed with food in your stomach that won’t be burned while you’re sleeping; it’ll just get turned into fat that you don’t want.


    For exercise, make sure you get AT LEAST 30 minutes a day, but I’d recommend 60 minutes. Do cardio exercise every day as well as strength exercises like push ups and crunches. Combining the two exercises will help to prevent having saggy skin once you’ve lost weight. Swimming can be a good strength exercise if you like going to the pool or lake – it tones everything at once and its fun! While you’re doing cardio (like jogging or running) make a routine that’ll challenge you but not over work you. Try running for 5 minutes then walking for 5. If that gets too easy try running for 6 walking for 4 etc.

  2. lilymooo. said :


  3. Errick Ang said :

    Run for 1 hour per day. Do it at least 3 times a week. Add in Swimming if you want to, preferable twice a week, 1 hour once. You should perform workouts such as sit ups.
    Try these fruits:
    Eating fruits are another good alternative to reduce your fat level without hungry. An apple a day may do more than keep the doctor away, it may also keep the number of your scale down. Consuming an apple at each meal may improve blood sugar levels, which help stabilize hormones that influence appetite and satiety. Avocados often recognized as high in calories and fat, however it is the good kind of fat that when eaten in moderation, keeps you satiated and helps prevent disease. Another type of fruits is Blackberries, rich in water and fiber that can fill you up easily. Blackberries also have more antioxidants per serving than any other fruit.

  4. Joe S said :

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  5. Craig said :

    Everyone should be able to feel their abs under the fat, although some people have more fat than others – we all have abs though!

    Do some high-intensity cardio to burn fat – sprints, intervals, and uphill running. Slow-paced cardio doesn’t work as well in your situation.

    Obviously improve your diet too – eat only natural foods (fruits veggies and lean meats) and reduce the sugar and saturated fats


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