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What is the fastest way to lose fat on my lower abdominal area?

I weigh 165 pounds and I am about 5 feet and 7 and half inches tall. I have some fat on my lower abdominal area (lower stomach) that I want to get rid of, and I also want to work on my six pack. What is the fastest way to get rid of that fat ( I like to run) and what type(s) of sit ups work best?

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3 Responses to “What is the fastest way to lose fat on my lower abdominal area?”

  1. jamesffoster said :

    I have found the best way to get rid of that “pooch” of fat is a “clean”, low-fat diet and aerobic exercise. An old saying is, “Great abs are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym.”

    With that being said, situps are a muscle strengthening and toning exercise and will not necessarily give you a “six-pack”.

  2. lester m said :

    You can not spot reduce fat. Even though it appears the fat is only in this area it is everywhere. If you do ab exercise you can not see your six pack because of the layer of fat. A general ab work out where you exercise the entire muscle group is best for muscle development. Running with diet will help you get rid of your fat. Crunches, oblique,and lower ab exercises will work the entire area.

  3. emily j said :

    there really are no excersizes that will slim down just your lower abdomin…running is the best. you lose overall body fat. and if you do situps and run, then you can build muscle and lose the fat at the same time.


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