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How do I lose fat fast?

Im a 13 year old who has a little extra fat on my stomach. I used to have a six pack but I got lazy and started to eat a lot of fattening food. Now when im exercising it wont go away!! How do i lose the extra fat in a few days, no matter how difficult.

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3 Responses to “How do I lose fat fast?”

  1. Jeff Moore said :

    do wat u did wen u had 6 pack

  2. Spaced Frehley said :

    takes time. eat healthier and maintain your regular activities. avoid soda and all sugars.

  3. samantha said :

    You are at the age where you gain weight easily and much of it will change as you grow some….but cutting out the junk food, sugar and fat and doing more exercise will help a lot. Find more active things to do that are not sitting down….play a sport, swim, take up jogging, etc. My own grandson put a pull up bar in the doorway of his room to do pull-ups on. Find a buddy to do things with and make it fun…not work. You’d be surprised how fast you can change things.

    In case you didn’t know…junk food includes french fries and anything deep fried….pizza, too many cheesburgers, cokes and even diet cokes (because they are linked to weight gain). Instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables, foods you can wash off first before you eat it….and not a lot of fatty meats…chicken, turkey, fish are better for you. Educate yourself about food.

    And the one plan I know that really does work…there are probably more…is the six week body makeover diet….you buy it in a set with exercise stretch bands included…and you learn to eat what works for your body type…and you eat more…not less of the right foods. It really does work!


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