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Best yet easiest way to lose stomach fat fast?

I’m fourteen years old, and starting high school soon and I’ve noticed that I have a lot of extra fat in my stomach. I’m not saying that I’m fat myself, my legs are skinny and so is everything else, it’s just I have a big stomach from not eating too healthy.

What’s the best way to flatten my stomach? Tips and procedures please. Which are the best exercises and how many times should I do them each? What should I deprive myself of?

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3 Responses to “Best yet easiest way to lose stomach fat fast?”

  1. Joy K said :

    Stop drinking soda

  2. Katie said :

    a big part is watching what you eat. im 15 and my friend has been eating healthy like picking a salad at resturants and choosing not to eat as much per day and she lost weight(stomach) and if you want to exercise then many times you can look in magazines like seventeen to get find out according to what you want to work on what excersise you can do. try to stick to 3meals a day with little to no snacking. and try to eat my vegetables and healthyness and less junk food like chips

  3. B said :

    Hula hooping is GREAT exercise to tone your core. It burns 300 calories in half an hour and works your midsection. Check out for more details.

    Also, watch what you eat. Don’t drink anything but water and milk, and cut out the junk food entirely.


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