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What are the best exercises to do to lose belly fat fast?

I recently started working out. I’m working on adding some muscle but I’m also trying to cut down on fat. I have this wonderful little patch of belly fat that likes to roll over the top of my jeans and makes me feel self conscious in a swimsuit. What are some of the most effective (and fastest =P) ways to get rid of this belly fat? I have one of those big rubber workout balls and hand weights, but no equipment other than that. Help me out here? Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What are the best exercises to do to lose belly fat fast?”

  1. junior_minty2 said :

    I would try lots of cardio (running, cycling etc). Doing crunches and things of that nature will only build muscle but it will be under the fat. I’ve also read many things that say a high fiber diet is good to rid of belly fat — eating lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits.

  2. Isaac said :

    Some of what your referring to is what is called “spot reducing” which is where you try and lose fat from a certain part of your body by working out that part of your body. It is a myth that you will lose more fat from your stomach if you do a ton of sit ups. Lots of studies have been done and you can look up spot reducing on google or something for some solid facts. Obviously you are going to get a hard stomach due to muscle toning but it wont help you lose fat.
    To lose fat you have to burn more calories than you eat simple as that. A typical workout for 30 minutes burn 300-500 calories depending on intensity. You burn about 2047 calories a day from basic stuff like your heart beating and moving around. It is considered safe to lose 1-2 lbs a week at the most. A pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. So target your diet to be about 1500 calories on days you don; work out and 1700-1800 on days that you do it should put you at negative 500 calories a day and a pound a week. Losing weight super fast is bogus cause most of what you lose is water and it will go right back on. stick to that plan and in a few months you will be down 15 pounds if that’s what you want. Hope that helps!

  3. mike said :

    Crunches, squats, even push-ups.

    Check out


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