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what are the Best exercises to lose weight fast?

I gained alot of weight durning my two pregnancies and now having trouble losing it I went from 145 lbs. to 240 lbs. in six years and am soooo ready to get it off. PLEASE HELP ME….

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4 Responses to “what are the Best exercises to lose weight fast?”

  1. Joyous G said:

    Ridding yourself of weight can be an issue should you you hit the dreaded dieting plateau. The fact is that not all excess weight is fat. You can rinse out up to 20 lbs by taking the newest diet supplement that cleanses your pipes. There is a risk free trial offered at I haven’t tried it nevertheless my friend has – she shed seventeen lbs so perhaps this is the magic tablet that realllllly does have an effect!!

  2. cjcarr02 said:

    sex, lots and lots,lol, jk running jogging go to a local gym

  3. Brandon J said:

    RUN. and sweat. run in hot weather. ull lost like 5 lbs a day just run ur ass off. oh and no bad foods!

  4. paco v said:

    Running from pittbulls,Seriously waech diet and take a nice walk each day little longer every othe day or a nice bike ride.That’s how I shed 50 unwanted pounds…Good Luck


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