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What would be the best exercises to lose weight and get rid of the love handles and pot belly?

I just recently joined the gym and learn how to use most of the machines. I made a diet plan but the problem is what exercises I should do to see some results. Im aware it takes time to lose weight and tone your body, but I just want to know the best way to approach a good exercise plan. I want to hire a personal trainer but cant afford one please help me. Thank you

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16 Responses to “What would be the best exercises to lose weight and get rid of the love handles and pot belly?”

  1. cereal :) said :

    Sex would be the best exercise to get the results you want.

    edit: it’s my opinion that the only people who would thumb down this answer are fat people who don’t get sex lol, other wise I don’t know many people who would disagree

  2. ggaryusa said :

    Running and dieting!

  3. Master Ted said :

    I agree with the sex thing

  4. Ricky R said :

    swimming works out every muscle in the body.

  5. sniperxbulldog said :


  6. Ryan O said :

    Lose weight – cardio.

    Running, cycling, rowing… all of these will burn the fat.
    Do weights to increase your muscle…

    Either start or finish your work out with 20 – 30 minutes of cardio.

  7. leonard s said :

    walking is very best, then biking,swimming aerobics too lastly is weights which does not help much.

  8. I hate Comcast said :

    You cannot “target areas” for fat loss. You can only thank your parents for the areas you put on fat easiest and quickest. We all have these areas and you have to do the overall before any change in these areas willl occur. Doubt me if you want….

  9. Travis said :

    you need to burn the calories you eat and what ever you do do not eat trans fat and less red meat, and that should do it.

  10. Kubota Oh said :

    You should have bought a bike. It’s more fun than a gym. Go get a new Trek 7000 for like $350 and kiss those love handles goodbye. It’s also a great for families, dates, or just by yourself. I’ve tried gyms but am NEVER motivated to go.

  11. Ophelia B said :

    potbelly is a problem for some men . stay away from fatty foods. in general if you lose weight all of your body looses weight, so i would just lose some weight and do muscle training and stomach exercises.

  12. Miss P said :

    Cardio: walking, jogging, running, jump rope. Bicycle crunches, rowing machine, and designate a time to stop eating for the day, like 2.5 to 3 hours before bed.

  13. bowlingstar11 said :

    Do alot of core exercises. This not only works your abs, but usually works either your arms or legs at the same time.
    This is one I do for my mandatory workouts for college athletics.
    Have a pair of weights in either hand an a step in front of you.
    Take one foot and step up, pushing your opposite knee up to your chest. At the same time drive the same hand as the foot you stepped up with up over your head. You may not feel it at first, but do 3 sets of 15 on each side, and you will be dying. Then as you get better, add more weight to strengthen your arms, or a higher step to increase the resistence, or both.

    Good luck

  14. Alice said :

    I know this might sound crazy but — weight lifting.

    Weight lifting promotes muscle gain. Muscle is an active tissue that burns 60 calories a pound, rather than 5 calories a pound a day (like fat.)

    Also, when you exercise at the gym, you can only build muscle underneath the fat layer, and burn the fat all over your body. It doesn’t take it from one place alone according to the exercise you’re doing. Common misconception.

    Do 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of moderate weights 3 times a week… eat lots of lean protein and limit your calorie consumption to nothing below 1200 calories a day.. or more.

  15. Hannibal the Cannibal said :

    No need to hire a personal trainer. You have search engines, like Yahoo and Google. Search for “bicep exercises,” and keep searching, replacing bicep with tricep, back, shoulder, chest, and leg to get a bunch of exercises in your arsenal. Don’t forget abs in that search…crunches don’t cut it.

    For cardio, make sure you do it after lifting and that you always push yourself and change it up. For this reason, I prefer to do my running outside instead of on a treadmill: you do more work, thus burn more calories.

    Exercises that target your problem areas won’t help you lose weight faster in those areas, but you can certainly do them to help the muscles develop. Good luck, message me if you have more questions!

  16. Katie W said :

    You should try yoga, they might have a class at your gym mine does! Mostly core exercises that will help flatin your belly and then get on the treadmill to help burn fat! Do them close together so while your getting rid of your belly you can make your abs stronger! As for the love handles try a fast moving exercise, but yaga should help!
    Good Luck!


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