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How to lose fat from love handles and belly fat?

Im have an avarage body, i dont wanna lose weight just a little fat from my belly but def not from my legs because they are fine for me!
i eat pretty healthy, im a vegetarian and thank God im not a chochlet fan

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6 Responses to “How to lose fat from love handles and belly fat?”

  1. aly said :

    do crunches and turn on your sides and do crunches for your love handles

    i bought an ab roller and it works so good it was only like 20$

  2. tigerbaby76 said :

    cut out white foods and switch to brown (like rice, breads, oatmals, etc) and also cut out sugary foods…..those two are the biggest belly gainers

  3. Stooooo said :


    I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but unfortunately you cannot spot reduce. You can do situps all day long and it won’t make a difference unless you lower your body fat %. To do this you must east a healthy diet, and exercise daily (both cardio and resistance training).

    All doing sit ups and crunches will do is strengthen the muscles under the layer of fat (love handles).

    Hope this helps,

  4. mary said :

    definitely consider doing a good ab workout daily or every other day to tone up your belly and love handles. a great exercise to reduce love handles is the bicycle crunch.
    that link should take you to a page that describes how to do the bicycle as well as come other great ab exercises. best of luck to you!

  5. ben22_22_99 said :

    Diet and Cardio are the two best ways to get rid of them, just doing situps wont work because unfortunately there is no such things as “Spot Training” (training one area to lose fat in that area) Doings situps will build the muscle up under the fat eating right and cardio/strength training will do the trick in reducing your overall body fat….Alcohol is a belly killer too, drink in moderation (if you are old enough of course.

    Stooooo is right should have read all the answers first:)

  6. Christie said :

    I have this thing called an ab blaster it works really good you lay in it on the floor and you can feel it working and my friend has a “bender ball” i tried it, it’s pretty good 🙂


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