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How do i lose my stomach fat!!?.. FAST?

Okay, I am not fat, but I am not exactly what I want to be. ya know?
well i need some tips. help. FAST

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2 Responses to “How do i lose my stomach fat!!?.. FAST?”

  1. Roddenberry said :

    Yet another person infected with the modern plague, brought about by the media (enhanced by the air-brushing generation). Instant change or the ‘easy way’ is not the answer or possible. Get yourself on a proper diet and exercise regime and you may cure yourself of the disease I have named Shortcut Syndrome, whilst attaining your goals

  2. alexexanderrachal said :

    I had the same problem. Not really fat but wanted my abs to show. All i did was eat 4 small healthy meals a day(really small ex. apple, banana, orange)

    and workout for an hour a day. (aerobics are better ex. running jogging)

    I lost more than a pound of fat a day. But you cant cheat. You have to do it exactly!


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