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How do I tone my body and lose some extra fat?

Hi, I am 14, 15 in about three months. I am six feet tall too. I weight 150 pounds. I have went down from 161 to 150 during August. Now what I want do now is to lose my love handles, some fat left on my lower stomach, and just the small extra amount on my chest. My arms are strong, tight, and look very nice. Same goes for my legs which are very muscular. However, the core of my body is the major problem. I want to lose the fat as I said before and tone it so I can have a nice chest and six pack added to my good arms and legs. I do have problems such as not being able to join a gym but I am thinking about taking some martial arts classes. Any nutrition ideas for me (be specific) and exercises that could help me get rid of the extra fat and be able to tone my body. By the way, I can do about thirty push ups easily and I can do a lot of sit ups but I just don’t do the sit ups. Plus I want to make sure I remove all excess fat. Thanks for helping!

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2 Responses to “How do I tone my body and lose some extra fat?”

  1. Dallas48 said :

    you can’t “tone” your body. its not possible. you have muscle, and you have fat. you can gain and lose muscle, and you can gain and lose fat. its impossible to “tone” your muscles.

    also, you’re 6’0″ and 150 lbs, you dont need to lose any weight. youre skinny. you need to gain weight. lift heavy weights, do compound lifts, squats, deadlifts, pull ups, bench press, military press, the list goes on, and you will find that your excess fat will disappear because your muscles are going to use the sugars as energy, and it will turn into muscle. fill out your oblique muscles and you will find that your love handles will disappear. same goes for your stomach, work out your abs a lot and build your ab muscles, and youll find that your stomach fat will disappear.

    this is not true if you have a high bodyfat percentage obviously, but at 6’0″, 150lb, your bf% cannot be that high. just build some more muscle.

    i post this routine a lot, but its effective.

    basically, its a M W F routine, although you dont have to do on M W F if you dont want, you can do it on any 3 nonconsecutive days. theres 2 workouts in the routine, A workout and B workout. you alternate them. so on M W F, you do A B A, then the next week on M W F, you would do B A B.

    the routine is structured solely around compound workouts but with isolation workouts that you can add on for some extra support. but never neglect bodyparts. for example, dont do tons of bicep curls for your arms then call it a day. if youre gonna work out your biceps, you need to do your triceps, because 2/3 of your arm size comes from your triceps. obviously you dont have to do them on the same day, you can do them on whatever day it says you can do them

    you can contact me if you have questions or something

  2. Mr. Fitness said :

    Concentrate on losing/burning fat. When you lose fat you will achieve the toned look, look slimmer, leaner and overall better. You can try P90X , but P90X costs $125 and it takes 90 days for results. A better, faster and free program is the specialized fat burning program called the Fat X 12 fat burning workout and diet program. It’s a 12 day workout and diet plan you can cycle as many times a you want. The workout videos and diet are free on the Fat X 101 blog. It’s an awesome program to burn fat and tone up! Good luck!


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