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How many push ups do I have to do in order to lose fat on my chest?

I want to lose fat on my chest and I heard muscle replaces fat. My friend said to do 25 push ups every 3 sets. How long will it take to get rid of the fat on my chest? I will also run at the Gym when I go there and use Sauna for 15 minutes. What else should I do?

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2 Responses to “How many push ups do I have to do in order to lose fat on my chest?”

  1. JOSEPH R said :

    Nope, you need to watch your calories and exercise atleast 5 days a week moderately for a half hour. keep your calories around 1500 to 1700 calories a day, low fat. I guarantee you will lose the extra pounds.

  2. Butch K said :

    There are some different ways you can go about how to lose chest fat. Just working out your chest alone is not ENOUGH . You can go to the gym and use the machines, or you may use dumbbells at home. Spot reducing, or shedding pounds in a single part of the body, is not practical.

    The science of losing weight is much faster than the actuality of shedding weight. You must ensure that you eat enough to remain healthy, yet not so much.

    * Wire chest Press – you want a machine for this exercise. You may sit up with the wires behind you. You can grab the wires with both hands and pull them out in front of you.
    * Push-ups – the majority of everyone are acquainted with good conventional push-ups. They work, so don’t be scared to try them.
     * Dumbbell fly – The dumbbell fly is done by lying down.
    You should be on your back with your knees bent nicely. You arms should be extended as if you are about to cuddle a barrel or a massive tree. You should bend the elbows a little, to support the weight.
     * Wire fly – This exercise is like the dumbbell fly; only you can use wires.
    It is done in the same position with the same motions.
    To lose chest fat, you should eat. So that implies starving yourself is useless and in correct for proper weight reduction. If you do not eat, your metabolism will slow down. The other critical fact is, you need to eat the right foods to lose pounds. To lose fat, you must eat some fat the kind you want is located in peanut oil, olive oil, avocados, and flaxseed oil. There are a few other sources of this type of fat.
    Try and eat complicated carbs and dump some of the easy carbs. Most baked products that are not multi grain are refined and contain small nutrients. Make a point to eat less white bread products and less candy. The body works harder to tear these carbohydrates down, and you may burn more than you may store.
    Really if you are serious about how to lose chest fat you need to start a good overall weight loss program. I highly recommend  Trubulence Traning it is thee very best weight lossand muscle building program that I have found.


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