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How many calories do I need to burn in every workout in order to lose weight?

I’m 5’4″ and 117 pounds. I’m 22 years old. I’m eating about 1200 calories per day. How many calories do I need to burn at the gym every day in order to loose weight? I’m about to go to the gym now, so please answer!! Tell me how many calories to burn!

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2 Responses to “How many calories do I need to burn in every workout in order to lose weight?”

  1. ♥Lily♥ said :

    I think that you’re fine just the way you are!
    Try Weight watchers though..I’m currently on it and its awesome!

  2. ladyfish said :

    To lose weight, regardless of size, weight, intake, whatever you need a caloric deficit. This means that you’re burning more than you put in. Using the calculator I’ll link to below, even at sedentary (not exercising) levels your body needs 1674 calories per day. You need more based on your activity level, which if you’re going to the gym is higher than sedentary. Therefore you should already be losing weight even without working out. It’s possible that you aren’t eating the right sorts of things, perhaps your problem isn’t based on exercise level but nutrition. You could try shifting your diet for a few weeks to cut out soda or red meat for example, and see if that makes a difference. But it honestly seems like with your low-calorie diet you don’t even need the exercise to cause a caloric deficit. Be careful though, if you’re not giving your body enough nourishment and then you go exercise you could be burning muscle instead of fat or otherwise endangering your health.


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